How can play Deal breaker, Sly and Force deal?

For sly, force deal and deal breaker you must use the button on the opponent property you want steal

What happens if the timeout expires?

If the timeout expires the player will go in a sleeping mode where the system will do only some basic automatic actions in place of the player: to pay and to add money to his bank.
The player will wake up if he does personaly some action.


Are some players bot?

Yes it is. You can easily know if some player is a bot because every bot has a robot as icon.
Bots entertain people while they are waiting to play a human.game.

Do bots cheat? Do they watch my cards or get card from the deck?

They dont. Believe or not the answer is NO.
It is psychologically very interesting to see that some people think that bots use some tricks.

I never got to play against a human. How can I do?

While you are playing a game with a bot you can see (in the lower-left box) if there are some games without bot that you can join.
If so you can join it ad come back to complete the bot's game later.

How can I play a game with more than 2 players?

You must create a new game and start only when all players who want to have joined it,
or you must join a human game and hope that the owner starts only when there are more than 2 players.

How does the scoring work?

I did a very very simple ranking similar to ELO chess.
More ranked is your enemy and more score you gain winning against it.
Less ranked is your enemy and more score you lost losing against it.
winner game_score = ( 1 - (your_score /all_players_score) ) * K
loser game_score = -(your_score/all_players_scores)*K
K is 60 for the first game then the value drops to below 10
If you win, your score will be increased by game_score, otherwise it will be decremented by game_score.
If a player do not play for a long time the score will be progressly decrease

Site Problems

I had a connection issue while I was playing a game. What can I do to continue the game?

Reload the page or, if is not possibile, load the lobby page (http://beve75.altervista.org/monopoly/showlobby.php) and go to your game.

How can I report an error?

Please send an email to monopolydealsonline @ gmail.com or write a message on the chat in the lobby.
If you provide details about your problem and, if possible, a screenshot will help me in solving it

When I go to play I can only see the top one quarter of the screen the bottom is blank.

It happen with some browser. To play you can use the botton to switch to full size mode.

Help me

How can I help improve the site?

Any suggestion is appreciated. Please send an email to monopolydealsonline @ gmail.com